In the footsteps of “The Reluctant Traveler” in Saint-Tropez

After shooting with Eugène Levy for the Apple TV series The Reluctant Traveler, we’re taking you on a tour of Saint-Tropez in his footsteps!

In June 2023, I had the honour of taking the Emmy Award-winning actor Eugène Levy ⭐️ on a tour in Saint-Tropez during a 2-day shoot, for the Apple TV series ” The Reluctant Traveler ” 🎬. Today, I’m taking you back in Eugene’s footsteps in this episode. 🙌

The Reluctant Travel : sur les traces d'Eugène Levy à Saint-Tropez avec Beyond The Wine



Welcome to Saint-Tropez


Eugène and I got to met each other in the beautiful village of Saint-Tropez, and with a beautiful sunshine ☀️ after his rainy stay in Sweden and Scotland. After offering him the ‘French kiss’ (oops 🫢), we took a tour from the old port in front of the authentic pointus 🛶 (a tour aboard one of these old fishing boats can be booked on our website, with tasting on board of course) to the boats of billionaires 🛥️.

We admired iconic places 🤩 like Le Sénéquier and plunged into the old town, where Eugène tasted an oyster 🦪 for the very first time. It was at the bistro Chez Madeleine, a local restaurant on the Place aux Herbes (Saint-Tropez’s old market) that the scene took place. Well, it clearly wasn’t to Eugène taste 😂, but as he said there is a first time for everything! And for all those who love oysters or want to enjoy a seafood platter 😋 a few steps from the port, this is the place to stop.

In the episode Eugène also has lunch with Joan Collins 😮 at the legendary La Ponche hotel, where many stars ⭐️ have come to relax, and takes part in a game of pétanque on the famous Place des Lices with Jan and the Pastis 12/12 team.

Quite a good player Eugène! Vive le PP as he said (the Pastis Pétanque)! 😊

The Reluctant Travel : sur les traces d'Eugène Levy à Saint-Tropez - pointu



Heading to La Croix-Valmer for a trip with Paulette


I was delighted to pick Eugène up from the Lily of The Valley, a 5-star wellness hotel in La Croix Valmer, and take him to the Jardin de la Piboule 🌱 in Cogolin to meet Yann Ménard, a farmer well known to the locals and chefs in the restaurants of the Golfe de Saint-Tropez.

Aboard Paulette 🚗, we chatted, travelled near vineyards, sang 🎶 Alouette gentille Alouette (yes, well, it was the only song he knew in French 😂) and finally arrived at Jardin de la Piboule where Yann let him taste some vegetables, and above all, had him plough a whole row with his horse 🐴 Traviata! What energy and without the boots! Bravo Mr Levy! 👏

We were also able to bring back some beautiful tomatoes and cucumbers picked on site for our picnic 🧺 on Gigaro beach, planned for the evening. A down-to-earth experience!

The Reluctant Travel : sur les traces d'Eugène Levy à Saint-Tropez - tour en 2CV



End of the episode on Gigaro beach


After all these adventures, it was time to spend some quiet time by the water 🌊, as we would do with family or friends: we went to the magnificent Gigaro beach 🌴 in La Croix Valmer and enjoyed the sunset with Eugène, while I found out his definition of happiness.

A definition linked to authenticity and sharing, as Beyond The Wine so loves to share with you 😄. I’m delighted that Eugène was able to experience an authentic moment in the village of billionaires, because Saint-Tropez ⚓️ isn’t just that and we locals are keen to share our know-how, our savoir vivre and our authenticity 🙌.

So if you like it too, join us on one of our tours in a mini van, with our 2CV Paulette, by boat at sunset, on horseback or by bike. Nature and vineyards surround us, let them fill us with wonder! 🌱

The Reluctant Travel : sur les traces d'Eugène Levy à Saint-Tropez - plage de Gigaro



👉 You can also watch our Instagram video ” In the footsteps of Eugène Levy in The Reluctant Traveler ” for inspiration on places not to miss when coming to Saint-Tropez.