An unusual ride in a vintage car

Two content creators from Brazil have tested our 2CV tour of the Côte d’Azur vineyards and share their opinions with you. A unique and authentic activity in the heart of the vineyards of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.



«  The first time I visited Saint-Tropez was in 2010. I wanted to know what my muse Brigitte Bardot had seen there to make the town so famous (…) to learn all about the history and making of wine. In 5 years in France, it was one of the richest experiences in people, flavors and landscapes I’ve had! »


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Among the three wineries visited during the day with @paoladecampos and @prispelomundo was Domaine Val d’Astier, located in Cogolin. This estate was created in 2003 by Bruno Seignez, an oenologist from Burgundy, and his wife Hélène, an Alsatian vegetable and herbal gardener who loves the area. Over 18 grape varieties, on 22 hectares of HVE3 schist, formerly shepherd’s pasture.

In addition to the wines produced by this independent winemaker, you’ll also find alcohol-free sparkling wine. It’s also here, facing the vines, that we organize pretty and authentic picnics with local seasonal products, to accompany the wines of the winery.



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