5 Christmas activities to do in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

Discover with us 5 Christmas activities to do in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Enjoy the Gulf during the winter holidays!

5 Christmas activities to do in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez

When we think of Saint-Tropez, we can see a yacht, the citadel, a glass of rosé, or also the beach during summer. But believe our experience, the city and its Gulf are worth a visit even in winter! ❄️ Especially during the Christmas period, when the whole Gulf is immersed in a magical atmosphere. To fully enjoy it, here is a list of 5 must-see activities we selected for you during this festive period. 🎉



1. Admire the illuminations in saint-tropez


Our first activity will make your eyes sparkle 🤩. Head to Saint-Tropez to admire all the illuminations of the city! We advise you to go there in the evening to fully enjoy it. You will find glittering decorations everywhere in the streets, reminding of a beautiful starry sky ✨ in the heart of the city.

For a most magical time, go along the Môle Jean-Réveille. You will admire the Pointu, famous local boats 🛶, which have also put on their Christmas clothes: superb garlands will make them shine with a thousand lights!

Finally, head to the city’s legendary port. On its facades, you will discover a sound and light projection 🎬. This show will transport you to fantastic and dreamlike worlds. The 2D and 3D scenes will reveal new perspectives of the facades and immerse you in the heart of Christmas symbols ⛄️. It is an unmissable event!

ℹ️ For more information (places and schedule), go on the Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Tourisme website.

5 Christmas activities to do in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez : admire the illuminations

Photo credit : Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur Tourisme



2. Enjoy a carriage ride with hot rosé wine


The next activity we suggest you (and not the least) is a carriage ridewith rosé mulled wine ! Sounds fun, right? 😜

Board our horse-drawn carriage for a one-hour ride 🐴. This unique activity is a friendly and comfy moment for a couple or the whole family!

Our guide Sonia, expert in local wines, will accompany you and share her knowledge on the vineyard and the wines of the area 🍷. You will become unbeatable on the subject, right on time to be proud in front of the family at Christmas dinner!

We said earlier that when you think rosé wine, you think summer. But who says you can only enjoy rosé wine in the summer by the pool? During your walk, we offer a tasting of hot rosé (or fresh, depending on the weather). This is an opportunity to discover new aromas in a different way! 😋 For minors, fruit juice 🍇 will be provided.

At the end of the walk, take a moment to walk around the ranch, which has a mini farm with donkeys, ponies, rabbits and other adorable animals. This is the perfect activity to spend a wonderful time in nature! 🌱

ℹ️ For more information (and to book), go on the dedicated page of our website.

5 Christmas activities to do in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez : enjoy a carriage ride with hot rosé wine

Photo credit : Grimaud Tourisme



3. DIscover maxime codou’s gigantic christmas crib


Now take the road towards la Garde-Freinet, a village located in the heart of the Massif des Maures 🌲. In this exceptional green setting, go to the Saint-Jean chapel ⛪️, which hosts a huge Christmas crib created by Maxime Codou.

This enchanting setting is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the Provençal tradition, and to marvel at each of the thousands of santons present 🤩. Between tradition and modernity, this crib will highly surprise you. Its sumptuous natural decorations sometimes stretch up to 4 meters high! 😮

Maxime Codou has been immersed in the world of santons since childhood, since his father and already his grandfather also created their Christmas cribs from scratch.

The artist could present you his work and the techniques he used, and if you want to, you can acquire your own santon. Last year, 30,000 visitors visited this iconic Christmas crib, so it’s your turn! 😜

ℹ️ For more information (dates and schedule), go to the dedicated page of the website Golfe of Saint-Tropez Destination or directly on the website of Maxime Codou.

5 Christmas activities to do in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez : discover the Nativity Scene by Maxime Codou

Photo credit : Golfe de Saint-Tropez Destination



4. Wander through the christmas markets in the gulf


As every year, the Christmas markets are back in France, and the Gulf of Saint-Tropez is not left behind! Its beautiful markets will bring an extra touch of magic ✨ to this fantastic period.

In Grimaud for example, the monthly organic market puts on its Christmas ornament in December, and offers a selection of ethical, eco-responsible and 100% local gifts 🎁! No doubt you will find your last presents here. On December 22 and 23, the city organizes a “Canadian Christmas” 🇨🇦. The kids will be able to meet Santa Claus and participate in the activities offered (writing Christmas letters, making decoration for the tree 🌲, giant wooden games, etc.) while adults can listen to Canadian music around the campfire and enjoy delicious maple syrup pancakes. Finally, take a moment to enjoy the superb fireworks 🎆 that will close these two festive days!

Not so far away, in Cavalaire-sur-Mer, there is another lovely market. The Christmas ⭐️ village of this city is the perfect place to wander. Between the contest of the famous «Ugly Christmas Sweat», the funfair 🎡 and the inflatable games, the track of Rollers Dance or even the parades of Christmas, the whole family will find an amusing activity! Laughter and good moods guaranteed. 😁

ℹ️ For more information (locations, dates and schedule), go on:

5 Christmas activities to do in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez : wander through the Christmas Markets

Photo credit : Cyril Carpentier – Grimaud Tourisme



5. Celebrate santa’s arrival by boat


This last activity can be quite surprising if you are not from here, but it is a must-see in the gulf. In our region, Santa Claus 🎅 does not arrive by sleigh: he prefers the sea to the sky, and thus arrives from his boat to greet everybody! ⛵️

Every year, he gracefully disembark from his tartane (small Mediterranean sailboat that was formerly used for fishing) to join us on the famous port of Saint-Tropez. This venerable bearded man is sometimes more expected than some stars of the Jet-Set! 😜

His arrival, embellished with lights and Christmas music, is always spectacular. After greeting the crowd, Santa Claus will ride in his sleigh 🛷 to reach the Place de la Garonne. You can of course follow him there to enjoy this magical moment as long as possible! 😉

ℹ️ For more information (date and schedule), go on the dedicated page of the website Golfe of Saint-Tropez Destination.

5 Christmas activities to do in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez : Santa's arrival by boat

Photo Credit : Ville de Saint-Tropez



We arrive at the end of this article (yes, already! 😢). The Gulf of Saint-Tropez is a beautiful place to spend the winter holidays, we hope we convinced you!

At Beyond the Wine 🍇, it will always be a pleasure to make you discover the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, regardless of the season. And if you do not have a gift idea, here is one : you offer one of our tours to your friends or family. 🙌

All our team wishes you Happy Holidays and hopes to meet you as soon as possible!