Pruning : what is the point?

During winter time, vine is like Sleeping beauty : asleep. From the month of november when its leaves are falling to the month of march when its inner activity is back on track, the vine shows us its bones. Clear from its leaves, its woods (its stock and its arms) are well visible and can sometimes reveal funny shapes! 🙂

Have a close look at the vineyard to see!

Pruning can be done manually or with the help of a machine or both : a pre-pruning with a machine will allow a faster work for the worker afterwards.

All right here are basis information on pruning! What if you get more information ?

Here in the AOC Côtes de Provence, pruning types that are authorized are gobelet and cordon. Having such big estates in the area, pruning often starts very early and from february you might not see anymore those long shoots that the vine, as a climber, will have developped.