With its unique location in the AOC Côtes de Provence (20 000 ha in total), wineries of the Golfe de Saint Tropez offer you to discover wines like no others. Either they are located near the sea, or protected by the Maures forest or in the plains, each winery produces wines of a certain typicity.

Take a tour with Beyond The Wine, and let me be your guide !


Every fridays. Departure from St-Tropez.

To better understand what is a terroir and the influence it can have on our future glass of wine, no better than to stroll along the roads of the Golfe ! 
Selection of 3 to 4 wineries with different terroirs. 
Transport, visits, tastings, lunch in one the winery and wine guide services included.



Every thursdays. Departure from St-Tropez.

Owners of the Crus Classés de Provence gained their exceptional title Cru Classé in 1955 based on a study of their terroir, their knowhow and their reputation. Visit of 2 of them here in the Golfe : Château Minuty and Domaine de La Croix

Transport, visits, tastings and wine guide services included.



Every thursdays. Departure from St-Tropez.

Take your chance to walk through the doors of the 3 Crus Classés 1955 of the Golfe ans taste their wines which reputation is no more to make. Château Minuty, Domaine de La Croix, Château Saint Maur

Saisissez votre chance de pouvoir franchir les portes des 3 domaines Crus Classés 1955 du Golfe et dégustez leurs vins dont la renommée n’est plus à faire.

Transport, visits, tastings, lunch and wine guide services included.



Tailor Made Wine Tours

Either you are a couple, a group of friends, wanting to fly with a helicopter or to cruise with a boat, I am here to listen to YOUR needs and to build the perfect tour just for you. 

Prices on request with or without transportation.
Possible 1/2 or full day.

Build me my homemade wine tour!

Designer Wine Cellars

Do you like modernity? Coming up! Provence, to vinify its rosé wines, is a region at the cutting edge of technology so take advantage of being here to discover the latest equipment and the designer wine cellars.

Crus Classés of the Golfe

Since 1955, the Crus Classés sometimes are reknown all around the world! Staying in St Tropez is a unique chance to taste those wines directly at the property!

Capes Road

Taillat Cape, Camarat Cape and Lardier Cape! Around those 3 capes, vineyards took up residence. Rocked by sea breeze, they benefit from a beautiful and wild environment !

Art at the Winery

Art lovers, coming up ! We will go on a journey taking us to wineries where you will learn about wines, taste and take advantage of the indoor or sometimes outdoor exhibits.

Organic Wineries

From the smallest to the biggest producer, more and more winemakers decide to work their vines and their wine organic using the less intrants possible. Discover their work and the diversity of their terroirs!

Wineries and Movies

True! Some wineries welcomed filming crews ! And the resulting movies might have been very famous! By taking this tour you will follow the steps of the 7th art and you will taste wines accordingly!

The Maures Forest 

A few minutes away from Saint Tropez, feel far from it! In the heart of the Maures Forest, meet farm animals, horses, and learn about the cork-oak tree used to produce the corks. A very original escape!


With Beyond The Wine, I will advise you on the best transportation to reach the wineries depending on where you are in the Golfe and where we are going. And of course I will organize it for you! Adding a little adventure is also possible by riding a horse or biking an e-bike!


Var department cooperatives exist since 1906! More than a century of history to learn about. Wine types and terroirs diversity will be there!

*Tours all included can be done in french or in english (but not both at the same time for a better appreciation of the tour) depending on the nationalities of the clients. Different dates in the 2 languages are proposed. However, they can be modified if the persons who booked speak a different language than it was supposed to be. What I mean is that if you book a date when the tour is supposed to be in french but you are all english of course the tour will be in english! and vice versa, hope that is clear 🙂 An email will be sent maximum 24h before the departure of the tour in order to confirm the language.