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Let’s be part of the cellar work during harvest time in Golfe de Saint Tropez! 

You have always dreamed of going in a wine estate while it is harvest time but you are afraid they would be close, or you will not understand anything that is going on…. Well come on a tour with Beyond The Wine and let yourself be guided through this wine experience! 

Thanks to the Château de Chausse, you will be part of this particular time for the wine maker. Don’t miss it! 

The meeting will be at Château de Chausse, an organic wine estate in La Croix Valmer, Golfe de St Tropez. This tour is for early birds as it is harvest time and harvests in the Golfe de St Tropez happen during the night (from 3am to 7-8am) so if you want to get the chance to see what is going on just after, you have to wake up early 🙂

From there I will take you to their vineyards to explain briefly the vine and to let you know more about our AOC Côtes de Provence. After this escape, we will get back in and have the chance to follow up one of the most exciting time of the year for the winemaker! The work happening in the cellar : pressing the juice, controling fermentation, maceration… With me you will get the chance to understand better what is going on and I will be happy to share that with you.