Visit the wineries of the Golfe de Saint-Tropez and taste their wines with an expert by choosing one of our wine tour.

Vines by the beach of the  Golfe de Saint-Tropez

The AOC Côtes de Provence (representing about 20,000 ha in total) is a wine region not to be missed where the estates of the Gulf of Saint Tropez offer you full-fledged wines sometimes known throughout the world!

Whether they are located close to the sea, on the southern slopes of the Maures forest or on the plains, whether they belong to small family farms, to large estates among the most renowned such as the Crus Classés, Each of the wineries produces wines of a particular type and whether you are new or amateur there is so much to discover, to rediscover between a walk in Saint Tropez and a swim in the Mediterranean sea.

Rosés wines enjoyed all around the world

The majority of the wines produced here are indeed rosés with pale salmon colors as you undoubtedly like them. Rosés based on the Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault grape varieties are mainly combined with our warm climate and all the dishes you will enjoy on the coast:  salads, grilled fish like the bar, one of our specialties, or as an aperitif with friends. You can also discover powerful, fruity and spicy red wines, lively and tangy white wines and we also have a few surprises not to miss!



Wine guide, local and expert in wine

A local expert to come with you

Select the tour that suits you and I will accompany you to discover what surrounds us in an expert but also casual way, you are on holiday and I do not intend to spoil them ! 🙂

Discover the oldest wine-growing region in France through a walk in the vineyards on foot or on horseback, a visit of the wine cellars or an introduction to wine tasting. With Beyond The Wine, let yourself be guided and discover the world of wine from the inside!

And if you don’t find your happiness, ask me a bespoke tour!