Come taste the wines of Domaine Maison Angelvin in Saint-Tropez at Maison Angelvin! Usually closed to the public, Logan Wallace the owner and creator of the estate opens its doors for a tasting at home on his terrace next to his vineyards and in his company.

From 7pm to 9pm, you will learn the basics of wine tasting, then we will taste 4 wines of the House Angelvin accompanied by Logan Wallace who will tell us about his estate, his history which is quite amazing : his grand father Jacques Angelvin, who is quite popular in America was a man of lot of aspects : TV presentator and movie actor was also arrested for drug traffic in the USA in 1962. Logan the grand son, wants now to move on without forgetting about his grand father that will stay for him a man of mystery but who was also the owner of vineyards in Saint-Tropez. Logan has decided to deal with that part of the story and is now the taking over the few hectares of vines in Saint-Tropez to make his own path to wine production! and the result is great! Come with us to check it out and meet the man behing the glass!

The evening includes:

  • tasting,
  • side dishes (cheeses, cold cuts, tapenades…),
  • initiation to oenology,
  • presence of Logan Wallace.

And this one takes place at his home in Saint-Tropez.

Bookings mandatory – Wednesday, July 22nd from 7pm to 9pm

Limited to 10 people.
Price : 45€/person

Book your wine tasting!

Book your wine tasting!