Visit of Priscila, native from Brasil, living in France and talking about our French Art de Vivre!

I had the pleasure of welcoming Priscila, a Brazilian blogger who has lived in Nice for 4 years and who highlights the French art of living and the experiences that can be lived in our beautiful country.

She could travel around the Golfe de Saint-Tropez with a 2CV and will let you know about her memories :

Vintage Tour in the 2CV car, Golfe de Saint-Tropez
  • le Château de Pampelonne, a vineyard conducted in the HVE (High Environmental Value) of Ramatuelle close to the beach of Pampelonne represented by Mme Marie Pascaud 9th generation of wine maker.
Wine Tasting at Château de Pampelonne, Ramatuelle
  • the Domaine du Val d’Astier in Cogolin, where Bruno Seignez welcomed them barefoot to make them realize how important nature and the environment are in the production of wines and to share with them his passion for his terroir.
Picnic lunch at Domaine du Val D’Astier, Cogolin

After lunch at the Domaine du Val d ‘Astier facing the vineyards we head up to the Château Saint-Esprit in Draguignan in partnership with the national site of the stay at the winery Wine&Spirit Lodging.

There Priscila was able to experience a homemade dinner in the garden with the sunset over the vineyards, a breakfast by the pool again facing the vineyards and followed Mr Richard Crocé-Spinelli for a private tour of the family estate. Richard and his wife Hélène are the 4th generation of the estate and with their children Mathilde and Florent (and their dog Lewis) they like, like any winemaker, to share their passion by welcoming new visitors to make them discover their product and their terroir.

Walk in the vineyard of Château Saint-Esprit, Draguignan

Read her article on her Blog Pris Pelo Mundo!

And if you want to follow her path, contact us!

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