Thanks to its unique location, the AOC Côtes de Provence (representing about 20,000 ha in total) is a wine region not to be missed and specially in the Gulf of Saint Tropez where our estates offer you wines of their own!

Mostly rosé wines but not only: red wines, white wines and sometimes some surprises! Whether they are located close to the sea, on the southern slopes of the Maures forest or on the plains, whether they belong to small family vineyards, to large estates among the most renowned such as the Crus Classés, each of the wineries here produce wines of a particular type.

Wether you are connaisseur or amateur there is so much to discover and rediscover after a walk in Saint Tropez or a swim in the Mediterranean sea.

You can select one of the tour mentionned above or contact me to create the tour that will correspond you.

Go on a tour on the wine route of Provence, one of the oldest wine regions in France for a walk in the vineyards, a visit of cellars or an initiation to wine tasting. With Beyond The Wine, let yourself be guided and discover the world of wine from inside!