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On the Star Wine Trail 

From Kylie Minogue to George Clooney, international stars are interested in our beautiful terroir and our wines. Provence is famous for its beaches, its lavender and its rosés… Thanks in a way to the many celebrities who invest in wine estates in Provence, the reputation of Provence is now very linked with rosé and is now considered the best rosé of the world.  

Here’s a look at the stars who own or are associated with wine estates in Provence.


Château Miraval, Brad Pitt property

Everyone knows Brad Pitt and his estate, bought in 2011 with his wife at the time Angelina Jolie. The Miraval estate is located in Correns in the Var. This magnificent chateau/bastide extends over 600 hectares of land with pine forest, olive grove, lake and orchard. The estate is even equipped with a recording studio which has already welcomed many artists and which is being renovated to welcome new ones. 

Since his divorce with Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt has a new partner since his wife sold her shares. 


Domaine du Canadel, Georges Clooney property

Georges Clooney, the Hollywood actor, has acquired the Canadel estate. The Domaine du Canadel is located in Brignoles and covers 170 hectares. Of the 170 hectares of property, only 4 are used for vineyards, only Rolle grapes (also called Vermentino).

One of George Clooney’s neighbours is none other than George Lucas, the director and producer of the Star Wars films. Indeed, since 2017, he is the owner of Château Margüi. The property consists of 15 hectares of vineyards, 5 hectares of olive trees and 65 hectares of forest. The estate is part of the “Skywalker vineyards”, the committee of George Lucas’ vineyards. The “Skywalker vineyards” include: Chateau Margui, Viandante del cielo, an estate in Italy, and Skywalker Ranch in California. In his “Skywalker” committee, Georges Lucas produces wine, olive oil and honey.

Château Sainte-Roseline, Aurélie Bertin & Kylie Minogue

In 2020, Kylie Minogue chose to do a partnership with a classified growth estate, Château Sainte-Roseline. The project was born during the recording of her 14th album. After a day of recording, she and her team decided to go to a restaurant. During her meal, she tasted a rosé from Provence which she liked instantly. As a joke, she launched the idea of creating her own wine. Château Sainte Roseline decided to open its doors to her and from this association was born the Kylie Minogue cuvée, a fresh and elegant gastronomic rosé wine.

Domaine La Mascaronne, Michel Reybier & Tony Parker

The latest celebrity to take an interest and invest in Provence wines is French! It is the very famous former international basketball player Tony Parker.  

Indeed, in March 2022, he revealed that he had joined forces with Michel Reybier and Château La Mascaronne.  

We can’t wait to see what this beautiful association will give us.

The American stars are also inviting themselves to the Gulf of Saint Tropez for a shoot. Indeed, you may have noticed in season 2 of the famous series Emily in Paris, the Sénéquier.  

This well known café / restaurant has already appeared in many films and series but its last appearance on the small screen was in the series Emily in Paris (available on the Netflix platform). 

We haven’t talked about Chanel which bought Domaine de L’île in Proquerolles island, or Louis Vuitton who invested in Château d’Esclans or Pernod Ricard who invested in Château Sainte-Marguerite but do we need to keep telling you that Provence is very attractive?