For a long time, the Gulf of Saint-Tropez has attracted holidaymakers in search of sun, idleness, rest, change of scenery. And this is the first thing that surprises us when we arrive here whether it is by Sainte Maxime with this blue sea and the view of the village of Saint-Tropez or by the road of the Garde Freinet and its tortuous road in the middle of the green forest of the Moors.

It is these colors, these lights, this diversity of landscapes that play for me an essential role to my well-being and gives me the desire to move forward and enjoy it all year round.

To make you enjoy it a little, I give you today the list of my favorite beaches in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The Héraclée Beach, La Croix Valmer

For its tranquility, its remote side between the beach of Gigaro and the bay of Cavalaire and because it is from here that leave many of my vineyard hikes as the place is beautiful especially in the morning when the sun rises, that the beach is empty and that I have a coffee in hand. The sand is really very fine, a happiness for the feet!

Brouis Beach, La Croix Valmer

Cette plage se mérite mais cela en vaut tellement les efforts rencontrés! Vous y arriverez par le senThis beach is deserved but it is so worth the effort! You will arrive there by the coastal path from the beach of Gigaro to La Croix Valmer. This is the only access unless you come on foot from Cap Lardier but there you will need even more time to access it! And as it is only accessible on foot you imagine how much this beach is preserved and (almost) wild. To your sneakers!tier du littoral au départ de la plage de Gigaro à La Croix Valmer. C’est le seul accès à moins que vous ne veniez à pied du Cap Lardier mais là il vous faudra encore plus de temps pour y accéder! Et comme on y accède uniquement à pied vous imaginez à quel point cette plage est préservée et (quasi) sauvage. A vos baskets!

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Brouis Beach, Copyright Golfe de Saint-Tropez Tourisme

Pampelonne Beach, Ramatuelle

It is not very original but yes the beach of Pampelonne is one of my favorites obviously for its mythical side, because no other one looks like it and also because there is the choice in terms of restoration. Besides, it’s funny here when you say you go to the beach it’s more to eat than to swim. Originally from Vendée, you imagine that this expression always surprises me because for me to go to the beach is to leave with his towel, his board and go to conquer the waves… But like all good things, we quickly get used to this new way of seeing … the beach!

Plage de Pampelonne, Copyright Golfe de Saint-Tropez Tourisme

Escalet , Ramatuelle

So for this little favorite because it is there that I for the first time crapahuté along the rocks and put my mask and snorkel to go titillate the fish. An exceptional setting where friends got married and made us enjoy the places in the best way. To get there not the choice you will have to go down the beautiful winding road from the village of Ramatuelle. From there go for a canoe ride, you will come back tired but happy!

And to enjoy those beaches even more, do you know you can book an aperitive basket after a hike in the vineyard and enjoy it on your own by the beach? This basket if sull of local products and of course is filled with a Rosé wine of the Golfe de Saint-Tropez! Happy summer to all of you !