A village in the Var between Cavalaire and Gassin that evokes for many of you the French Riviera, its beaches (including Gigaro) and its coastal path up to Cap Lardier. A little corner of paradise where I made my home a year and a half ago now. So yes there is all this but there are also some addresses/ places that I would like to share with you who will be passing by or will come to spend some time in our beautiful village.


Boulangerie Banette, Rue Louis Martin, La Croix Valmer

At the top of Rue Louis Martin on the right, there is a bakery where I like to take a small tropézienne every month. My 11-month-old daughter was born in Gassin (the maternity hospital of the Gulf of Saint Tropez) but for me originally from Vendée and my husband from Corrèze, we were not how to say… predestined to live here then to mark the blow of the birth of our daughter here in the Gulf we decided to eat a tropézienne to each of her “month birthday”! A little pleasure that we do not let pass under any pretext. So yes of course the one of La Tarte Tropézienne must be tasted but I love the proximity and that of the bakery Banette will make you salivate! You can also try the donut version at the bakery of Les Palmiers at the bottom of the village! Very nice indeed!

Jérôme Butchery, place des Palmiers, La Croix Valmer

Funny boys hold this butcher shop of first choice! They always smile and know their customers well. They will always make you have a pleasant time. Not to mention their products, first choice meats and this throughout the year!

You will also find their products in our a Picnic baskets that you can book on most of our tours!

The market of La Croix Valmer

Markets have long been one of my great weekly pleasures. Stroll around, chat with local producers, find products we don’t know yet and taste it… That of La Croix Valmer is rich with merchants and delights to taste: the Tropézienne Tart, the olives, the goat cheese of Plan de La Tour, the vegetables of Dédé… In short, you will find everything you need to eat healthy and throughout the year. And then the market wouldn’t be what it is without these Provencal tablecloths, its lavender soaps, its olive wood salad bowls… Follow the route and finish your walk at Café Valmer for a terrace cafe while admiring the sea. You are on holiday…

And to better discover these products, follow us for a Foodie Tour of the market that ends in the vineyards of the Domaine de La Croix with a tasting of their wines of course!

Restaurants in La Croix Valmer

I will certainly not be able to mention here all the restaurants that I like but here are some simple ones that are in my best list.

Les 3 Galets, plage du débarquement, La Croix Valmer

I already told you, I really like the landing beach but what I like even more is to be able to bathe in the morning at the cooler hours and then to come and settle me close to the sea with Aux 3 Galets. Here you will find meat cooked on a wood fire, pizzas cooked on a wood fire and fresh fish. You will surely feel this delicious smell on your way to the beach and you will surely see these colorful cushions. A place where you feel and eat well.

Marius à la plage, plage de Gigaro, La Croix Valmer

Here you eat the feet in the water (if you thought about booking early enough!!). One of my favorite places to dine while admiring the sunset on the islands of Porquerolles and Port Cros. Mediterranean cuisine, wines from the Gulf, sea next to you; Marius at the Beach is where you feel good.

I wish you good appetite and hope to meet you during one of my tours on the Croix Valmer or in the Gulf of Saint Tropez!