This time it is sure New Year’s Eve will be like no other. Locked down, cooking home or being delivered, limited in our movements, our gestures, in how many guests we invite…

Well at least we have the chance to be still there and we should also think of those who lost one of their own during the year and who in any case would not have had the heart to the party… Let us also think of our caregivers everywhere in the world and especially in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, of course, who, day after day, fight without complaining for us, for our health, so that we can reach this famous 31. Out of respect for them and the caregivers, let us keep our heads down and wait for better days.

Like restaurateurs, culture… I am part of non-essential businesses, It was a discovery this year to know that yes I am not useful but I love my job and I like to share it because it highlights those considered essential: the winemakers, the producers so I can’t wait to be able to meet you and to be able to say no I’m not essential but a moment in the vineyards, yes it feels good and necessary to anyone 🙂

In the meantime, here are my tips to end the year in style with a small focus on the wines of the Gulf of Saint-Tropez of course

You are keeping rosé wine in the cellar

You think let’s wait until next summer to consume it… Well don’t wait too long either, a rosé (in general can be drunk within 1 to 2 years after its date of bottling (the date indicated on the bottle) so if you still have 2018 do not hesitate, if you still have 2019, you can still wait…

Rosé : star of New Year’s Eve table 2020

Rosé tasting temperature

Rosé wine can be served neither too hot (except for mulled wine) nor too cold (unless you want to make a rosé ice cream) but rather between 8 and 10°C. Too hot you will feel too much alcohol, too fresh you will feel nothing…

Rosé with aperitive : perfect match

Tapenade, puff pastries of all kinds, vegetables, anchovies, cheeses, crisps… but also fish, oysters, truffles, poultry… In short it is sure you can not be wrong, and your guests might be surprised! Of course rosés have nuances fruity, sharp, smoky, woody, round, full bodied… If you want to distinguish their flavors, be sure to book a rosé wine tasting approach when coming back in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez! I will come to your place and tell you everything you need to know about rosé wine!

Closeup of people clink glasses. Christmas or New Year. Celebrating and toasting.

Rosé your best friend against extra weight

Is that really it? Beware we do not say that the rosé makes you fat or lose weight but we say that the wine in general is the least caloric alcohol and therefore the rosé especially since it has no residual sugar (as some whites may have). The rosé will therefore be an ally of choice for those who do not want to leave the lock down with 10kgs more on the scale. 110 Kcalories approximately for a glass of rosé, 150 Kcalories approximately for a beer of 33cl, more than 140 Kcalories for other alcohols: whisky, rum, gin, not to mention mojitos, sangria where we add fruit or sugar… Well you will have been warned(e)s…

Rosé 2019 discounted

Little secret to you: this year with the lockdown and the restaurants closed, the winemakers often still have a little stock to sell and as the new cuvées 2020 are coming soon (some will already be released as the Rosé Grain de glace of the Master Winemakers), you could benefit from nice discounts on the purchase of wines 2019… In addition if you have followed well, you have understood that a rosé can be kept 1 to 2 years (so in spring and next summer they will still be good!)

Hot mulled wine with rosé : new trend?

You really have too many bottles of rosé at home and don’t know what to do with them anymore? As you can’t invite too many friends what about preparing a hot mulled rosé? A little cinnamon, fruits, Christmas cakes or gingerbread to accompany and hop the trick! Take out the gloves, the hat and everyone outside for a New Year’s Eve dessert you’ll remember! Locked down but well surrounded. What if that’s happiness?

Rosé chaud, Beyond The Wine
Even Cuisine A to Z talks about it and give you a receipe

We remind you that alcohol is dangerous for your health and has to drinken responsibly.

If with all these tips you have not yet decided which wine for your New Year’s Eve or lunch we remain at your disposal to help you choose THE rosé that will fly on your New Year’s Eve table!

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We wish you all a very good New Year’s Eve and a very good 2021 (could it be more difficult than 2020?). See you soon!